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About Us


The roots of this company can be traced into Vanadevi, the Ayurveda company founded by Her Holiness Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi. After the closure of VANADEVI, although the Sahaja Ayurveda doctors kept advising fellow Sahaja Yogies about various treatments, but it was in year 2022 , Post Corona , the requirement to formally run a company was felt, not only for giving a genuine consultation , but also to provide very authentic and pure herbal Ayurveda solutions. Hence Vanamatre came into existence. Our medicines work wonderfully on people who meditate regularly by Sahaja way. Many a time by the grace of Shree Mataji, we observe very quick recovery of the person, which is not there who do not follow meditation. Thus we recommend Sahaja Yga Meditation to everyone to get fastest recovery. Although we do guide a little bit about Sahaja Therapy free of cost, but we prefer that people should either connnect to Local Senior Meditators or  follow Nirmal Gyan Programme on you tube to get access to self correction detailed meditation guidance.

Herbal Medicine

Our Story

At Vanamatre our day starts by Meditation. After our detailed consultation with the patient, we meditate to find out the right medicine combination for the patient. All herbs are collected afresh, dried and then used. Few herbs are outsourced from the area of better production, like Ashwagandha from Rajasthan, Punarnava from puna and Adulsa from the Gangetic plains of Himalayas. It Takes us 3 to 5 days to prepare medicnes properly. All medicines are personalised specifically for the particular person. And specific plant parts are used to produce Ayurvedic Medicines

      In one of the conversations of Rishi Agnivesha, it was suggested that money should not be taken for the treatments offered. This verse had such a profound effect on our minds that, all the ayurveda knowledge , the medicine and the treatment suggestion was done for free from our side,to everyone, may it be a sahaja yogi or any general patient. The demerits of not taking money, was huge, people wont recognise that we were  good doctors, they wont accept that they got cured with our treatment, they wont take our suggestions seriously, they would wander off to some other doctors who may even suggest wrong medications, and patients themselves would put up endless questions about diet and medicines, and disturb without any concern for time taken. How the people misused this good service for their own benefit was highlighted when we found people reselling our ideas in print and selling medicines . All this was ok for us, but things changed when the  Corona virus came, and people were mislead in the name of ayurveda. It was seen as an opportunity by many in the market for selling anything which seemed beneficial for Treatment of coronavirus. We were contacted by many sahaja yogis for the right treatment, and we suggested them the herbs. And miracles started happening. Even before any  patient would call, his or her chakras would be felt by our team.Today we are able to help cure many people at global level.

As an enterprise we are still learning. And we are feeling the bliss and satisfaction of helping people through Ayurveda.

Meet The Team

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