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Our medications include Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy and Astro Ayurveda. We personalise ayurveda medicines according to your needs and do not have any stored products. Most of the items are produced afresh.  Post to confirmation and purchase It takes us 3-5 days to produce your ayurveda medicines, and next 3-7 days to reach you through corrier services.

 You can send your payments to

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Brief Call                                                                                                          Rs 1000/Call
30 minute call , in which we hear about your issue and understand your basic needs and expectations from Ayurveda. Also it gives us a deep understanding about the ongoing issue. It doesn't include any kind of prescription, as Vanamatre provides medicines produced by our team only for our Patients. 
Whats App Health Support                                                                       Rs 2100
For 1 Month

For asking any querries related to health, Lifestyle, Diet and Medicines given by us. It includes answers to maximum 3 querries per day.  It does not include any active daily care or message from our side without any querry
Ayurveda Diet, Lifestyle,
Yoga & Pranayama                                                                                         Rs 3100

Guidance can be given either in writen or through email only once.
Astro Ayurveda                                                                                 Rs 7000/Solution
Solution for your specific solution will be given either on paper or through email. It doesnt include written detailed explainations about your ongoing dasha or birth chart analysis, although it may be provided depending upon case to case
Ayurveda Medicines                                                                          Rs 7000/Month
Medicines include Ayurveda Herbal Teas specifically personalised for you, herbal powders, tablets, capsules, oils, gels, balms , lotions, medicated ghee, etc, all depending upon your specific condition. Doesnt include any panchakarma therapy medicines.

VASTU SHASTRA FOR HOME or OFFICE                                              Rs 21000

Includes detailed analysis of Vastu aspects of either home or office. It takes multiple pictures, vedios and charts to prepare a report. It doesnt include a vedio tour of home. Doesnt include home visit charges

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